May 14th, 2006

For sale...

Hi All!

I have a nearly brand new Speedy 25 for sale. It has one small flaw that is stated in the ebay auction. I'm asking $520+ shipping or best offer (if reasonable). I accept paypal, money order (if mailed within 1 day of agreement and I am given a tracking number on the envelope), and Western Union. The item is on ebay but I can easily remove it if you want to do the transaction off of ebay. Link is:

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Okay, This may sound really hard to belive but I went to Goodwill again today and found ANOTHER LV. This one has a date code but I dont know much about reading the date codes so I was wondering if someone could tell me what it stands for. (Doesn't it say the year and where it was made?)

It is a Multicolor Pochette with the bow and studs.
The date code on the inside of bag is M51980

Thank you!

My graduation prezzie!

Okay, so I just graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona this past Friday. As a little background story, my brother graduated last year and my mom got him a Burberry portfolio. It was just like this one except it was the lighter-colored check, if I remember correctly. Anyway, when he opened it, I got really excited because I am obsessed with Jessica Simpson and she's been seen toting the LV version to recording studios. To see pics, click here and here at my Jessica Simpson community. I had told her last year that it was the ONLY thing I wanted when I graduate, and she promised she'd remember.

My mom always tries to get a bunch of things, so that it looks like we get a lot of nice stuff, instead of just getting one or two things that we REALLY love. So this time I explained to her that I would like the holidays a lot more if she just got one nice thing instead of a bunch of so-so things. Well, she told me I would be disappointed for my graduation, because she didn't do what I asked. Well... she tricked me! Click the cut to find out how!

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